After few days of painting you may suddenly find the paint job of your dream house started cracking, peeling and falling off. It must be a nightmare to see your paint job in such a state. Please remember that several years of experienced painters usually doesn’t refer the technical data sheet for paints and primer. It is very important to prepare your walls /ceilings properly, apply the primer and paints per manufacturer’s instruction and Well –Defined process.

There are many reasons why paint job fails including below

Poorly prepared surfaces

If a recently painted surface begins to crack and peel, then poorly prepared surface may be the reason. The process oriented painting contractor will ensure that the surface to be painted on is clean before applying paint .


Moisture is a great enemy of paint. If you find your paint cracking and peeling, moisture may be seeping in from the outside damaging your interiors. The process oriented painting contractor would measure the drywall with moisture meter for any unusual signs. This may help locate and fix the root cause before you apply a new coat of paint.


The development of numerous fine cracks along a painted surface is usually called “Alligatoring”. A paint job wherein paint is applied to a surface too quickly and not allowing it to dry and expand properly will most likely result in alligatoring. The process oriented painting contractor will ensure to leave adequate time in between application of coats to allow the paint to properly dry and expand.

Paint burnishing  or Marring

It can be caused due to washing and spot-cleaning painted surfaces before the paint is cured completely. In ideal conditions, latex paint takes about two weeks to cure to the point that you can wash it. In a less-than-ideal conditions, some paints may take up to 30 days to cure fully.  The process oriented painting contractor would educate you with paint maintenance tips.

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