First impression makes a huge impact for your guests.

Why us?

Nothing says more about how you feel about your home than your entrance door.Save thousands of dollars by having us refinish your entrance doors rather than replacing it with a new one. You will get a fine European furniture-grade finish that other companies just cannot deliver.

Residential doors are a very special niche requiring extensive knowledge on how they are built and the proper method of refinishing. Some doors have thinner than 1/8 inch of veneer on the surface, with finger joints underneath. They are built this way so that they do not warp and of course, the extremely thin veneer is cheaper to build than the thicker veneers.

With heavy exposure to wind, rain, snow and the sun, it does not take long for entrance doors to become tired looking and defective. Jericho refreshing process for entry door restoration makes it look clean, strong and beautiful. You can stay assured of making a lasting first impression and also increasing your curb appeal.

We offer refinishing of previously stained surfaces listed below :

  1. Exterior wood doors /Entrance doors refinishing
  2. Interior wood doors/Custom wood doors refinishing
  3. Wooden garage doors
  4. Special wooden projects
  5. Hand railings
  6. Baseboards
  7. Crown Molding

If you have a custom staining /refinishing requirements that is not listed here please feel free to discuss your requirements with us over phone or email given below.

Types of Wood we can do refinishing :

  1. Mahogany 
  2. Spanish cedar
  3. Pine, Clear pine
  4. Cypress
  5. white oak ,etc.,

Refinishing process

At Jericho you'll receive a detailed written estimate outlining the scope of your project. Our painters work from these scopes to ensure your job is finished on time. Here below is typical process for Worn out Entrance Wooden Doors
Surface preparation

Door is taken off the hinges and lay the door on the sawhorses in the garage/outside. Old hardware’s are removed. The non-stain areas such as glass will be masked using masking papers and tapes.

Misc. Repairs and Sanding

Remove any loose, blistered or peeling varnish by scraping and remove existing finish by sanding with 80/120 GSM grit. Filling the Small holes and cracks in the wood using stainable wood filler. Sanding with 180/220 grit paper to achieve smoother surface


Based on your requests /proposal, one or several coats of premium quality stain is applied using necessary applicators. Number of coats of stain may affect its colours.


Based on your requests /proposal Lacquer or Varnish or Polyurethane is chosen. Single or multiple thin coat of sealer is applied. 


When the work is substantially completed you will be invited for initial review and feedback.


All the paper masking’s, coverings are removed with the utmost care and respect. We pay close attention to doing a thorough job cleaning the work area.


After the clean-up, we perform another inspection with the checklist. The customer will sign off the project as satisfactory here.

Few of our projects

We'd love to showcase all of our projects but displaying limited owing to privacy and other restrictions

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