Update and modernize your ceilings from a seventies look to a smooth, flat, modern ceiling

Popcorn ceiling removal /Ceiling resurfacing

Are you looking for popcorn ceiling removal or repair service in Metro Vancouver ? We are dedicated to provide our customers with top quality services. If you have outdated popcorn ceilings to be removed then we can remove and replace it with a completely smooth finish.

We are here to help, from small repairs to hanging new drywall panel and applying a final skim coating and sanding. We can repair your ceilings in a time and cost efficient way.

While many people find popcorn ceilings aesthetically pleasing, but has its drawbacks.

First, if you ever have a leak of any sort, the popcorn can lose its adhesive qualities as the water reactivates the drywall compound.

Secondly, when you decide to repaint popcorn ceilings, the water in latex paint products will often reactivate the popcorn in a similar fashion to a roof leak.

Finally, once damaged, popcorn ceilings are often difficult (though certainly not impossible) to repair seamlessly. The variations in application, size of aggregate, the machinery used, and the operator can make a patch job look significantly different than the popcorn that was initially installed.

And while you may feather an area in, usually there is some slight overlap around the perimeter that is denser than either the existing or new popcorn.

Our Process

  • Identify the type of drywall (Moisture resistant or Regular or fire resistant)
  • Install Patch /Replacement
  • Tape, Mud and Float the drywall
  • Achieve desired Level 4 drywall Finish
Texturing/ Colour matching & Finishing
  • Prime before texturing
  • Texture to match existing surface: flat, knock-down, popcorn and orange peel
  • Prime and finish coat application

Few of our projects

We'd love to showcase all of our projects but displaying limited owing to privacy and other restrictions

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