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Epoxy Floor Coating

 We’re ready to help you with some of the best commercial/industrial floor coating options, our industrial/commercial floor epoxy coating services is available in Metro Vancouver

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Interior painting-Retails

A stylish and professionally painted retail outlet can work magic on potential customers. Types of retails we can paint

  1. Restaurants & Cafes
  2. Retail stores at Shopping centre/mall
  3. Pubs & Clubs
  4. Shops & Bakeries
  5. Beauty Salons
  6. Plus Much More
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Large interior painting

Our commercial painting projects range in size and scope from painting one door or wall of an office /showroom interior to painting the complete interior of a warehouse or church.Types of large commercial interiors we can paint

  1. Warehouse
  2. Church
  3. Furniture/appliance/car Showrooms
  4. Gym/fitness centre
  5. Sports hall/centre
  6. Dance hall / dance studio

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete is not a new process but comes from the proven processes found in Terrazzo and hard surface finishing (like marble/granites) . Polished concrete is a popular choice in Commercial buildings, Malls, Modern offices in Metro Vancouver.

House painting services

Jericho offers professional interior and exterior house painting services to locations in Metro Vancouver

Interior painting

Your home is a valuable asset and keeping paintwork well-maintained, both inside and out, is an important part of ensuring it stays that way.

benefits of painting exterior of your home

Exterior painting

Enhance the curb appeal for your place.Usually every five to six years it is recommended that all external paint work is improved.

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Professional staining is a fantastic way to care for your property and protect your investment.Avoid expensive repairs.

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