Measuring tape – to measure the paintable area (walls) ,so you’ll know how much paint to buy

Multipurpose Screwdriver – used to remove/reinstall switch plates, door hardware’s, wall screws  

Filler and putty knife – use a spackling compound to fill the walls/ceiling holes. You may want to buy 1.5 inches and 4 inches putty knives for fillings and patching work.

5in 1 painter’s tool – can be used to remove old caulk, pull nails, clean roller covers, scrape paint, drive nail and to open the paint cans

Sanding blocks and paper – use angled sanding sponge for sanding work in corner areas, 120 grit sand paper is most commonly used with hand sander for sanding work on walls.

Fiberglass mesh – depending on size of drywall holes to be patched, you may want to buy fiberglass mesh tape

Painters tape –to protect the areas that you don’t want get paint on.

Paint strainer– to strain out dried flakes, lumps, skins, and other impurities in the paint.

Paint tray and disposable liner – use a metal or plastic tray with disposable liner for smaller projects or get a 5 gallon paint bucket for bigger project

Drop cloths & Plastic sheets – Protect furniture’s with plastic coverings. Use drop cloths to protect the floorings.

Paint pail and disposable liner –Do not plunge the brush directly into the paint can, it is recommended to use a hand held pail for working on smaller areas

Paint roller– use a 9 in micro fiber paint roller for walls& ceilings painting, 4 in micro fiber paint roller for baseboard and trims .

Paint brushes – use 63mm angled sash paintbrush for cutting works. Remember to pick the right brush for the type of paint you’re using.

Ladder – you may need a 4 ft. or 6 ft. ladder for cutting walls

Extension pole- you may need to buy 2-4 feet and 4-8 feet extension pole for painting ceilings and walls. Using an extension pole for painting walls /ceilings reduces stress on your back.

Cleaner/Paint remover & Rags  – use soap water to wash brushes, roller .use methyl hydrate to remove paint spots from hardware’s & floors