Periodical maintenance of the wooden decks is required to avoid expensive repairs.

Why us?

Professional staining is a fantastic way to care for your property and protect your investment. Transform your deck or gate or panels with a new colour staining/refinishing.

Wood looks beautiful and attractive, but for keeping in good condition, periodical maintenance is required. Deck/fence cleaning, deck/fence staining and refinishing are some of the procedures that can make your wooden deck/fence look beautiful for years. Deck/driveway gate/pedestrian gate/fence refinishing is always a good idea whether performed for preventative purposes, aesthetic purposes, or maintenance purposes. Staining not only going to make it look better, but it is going to slow its wearing process. We can get the job done quickly and efficiently while you continue on with your daily schedule.

The continuous changes in weather conditions are extremely harsh on your deck ,wood gate and fence. Your maintenance plan must be geared to combat the problems caused by water absorption and water loss, mildew growth, and discoloration of wood due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Types of wood staining/refinishing we can do :

    1. Modern wood panel refinishing
    2. Wall panels/wainscoting refinishing
    3. Deck and porch staining/refinishing
    4. Fence staining/refinishing
    5. Driveway gate staining/refinishing
    6. Pedestrian gate staining/refinishing
    7. Front yard planter box staining/refinishing
    8. Back yard planter box staining/refinishing
    9. Deck garden/patio planter box staining/refinishing
    10. Wood siding staining/refinishing
    11. Front porch column staining/refinishing

If you have a custom staining /refinishing requirements that is not listed here please feel free to discuss your requirements with us over phone or email given below.

Types of wood can be stained by us :

  1. Pine
  2. Birch
  3. Poplar
  4. White Oak
  5. Red Oak
deck stairs pickets refinishing
garden vegetables flower planter box refinishing vancouver
pedestrian gate with side panel refinishing staining
driveway gate refinishing vancouver
wall decor panel refinishing
wood fence pane; staining vancouver

Staining process

At Jericho you'll receive a detailed written estimate outlining the scope of your project. Our painters work from these scopes to ensure your job is finished on time. Here below is the typical process for staining project
Surface preparation

Remove all deck furniture and other furnishings.The necessary fence/panels/deck is power washed or hand washed to remove dirt and mildew, allowing sufficient time to dry depending on the weather condition.

(Before staining a New deck let wood weather for 1-12 months after installing according to manufacturer’s instruction for waiting period)

Misc. Repairs and Sanding

Based on your requests /proposal, Repair or replace damaged boards.

Drive in any popped nails; the surface is sanded.


Upon ensuring the surface is dry .Based on your requests /proposal, premium quality stain is applied using necessary applicators. Number of coats of stain may affect its colours.


Single or multiple thin coat of sealer is applied. After Stain/Seal the surface should be allowed to dry for at least 48 -72 hours before using the deck.


When the work is substantially completed you will be invited for initial review and feedback.


All the paper masking’s, coverings are removed with the utmost care and respect. We pay close attention to doing a thorough job cleaning the work area.


After the clean-up, we perform another inspection with the checklist. The customer will sign off the project as satisfactory here.

Few of our projects

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