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Concrete Polishing

Polished Concrete is not a new process but comes from the proven processes found in Terrazzo and hard surface finishing (like marble/granites) . Polished concrete is a popular choice in Commercial buildings, Malls, Modern offices in Metro Vancouver. There are several factors that affect the quality of a concrete substrate including but not limited to mix ratio, geographical location and finishing methods. Please note that ALL concrete will not look, polish, or wear the same. Polished concrete are extremely durable, require minimal maintenance and cost effective.

Polished Concrete is a multi-step process achieved through mechanical grinding, honing, and polished with bonded abrasives (Diamond grinding).It is then refined with finer grits in order to achieve a specified level of appearance. There are huge number of design options for polished concrete like scoring and creating radial lines, grids, bands, borders and Nearly any color can be applied into the concrete. The final surface finish may be a natural colour, or it may be enhanced by application of dyes, tints, or stains during multi-step operations.
Concrete is a porous and alkaline material that will absorb spilled liquids. Clean up of spills should commence without delay to minimize penetration and staining of the concrete surface. They can be seriously damaged by acids (i.e.: battery acids, fruit juices, caustic detergents etc.). So, polished concrete is not generally recommended for areas that are subject to harsh chemicals, acids, or other caustic elements that can etch or contaminate the concrete surface. Specialized epoxy systems can be installed to protect concrete surfaces.

Concrete Finish types:

  • Natural
  • Salt & Pepper look
  • Full exposure

Are you considering to polish your concrete for your Commercial/Industrial space or Strata or basement of your home? Nearly all types of concrete floors can be polished. Our concrete polishing services are available in Metro Vancouver for both new and old concrete floors as long as the floor is determined to be structurally sound. Polished concrete is available in many colours by utilizing concrete dyes or stains. At Jericho Floors we can help transform your concrete floor.

Concrete Floor Polishing process:

1. Surface Hardness test:

Hardness of concrete is determined by MOHS Concrete Hardness Tester in order to select the correct metal bond diamond abrasives.

2. Concrete Surface Preparation:

If the floor is previously coated, they’re removed with appropriate tooling. Surface holes/cracks are filled. Concrete Surface is grinded with either 16, 30/40, 70/80 grit metal bond tooling to achieve desired exposure and floor flatness.

3. Transitional Stage

Removing metal tools marks using higher (100 or 200) grit transitional tooling. Transitional tooling effectively removes scratches and creates a surface ready for polishing.

4. Densify and Harden the Concrete

Floor is vacuum cleaned. Chemical densifiers is applied on concrete to help solidify and densify the surface.

5. Concrete Polishing

The required aesthetic and gloss level is achieved with appropriate resin bond tooling 200, 400, 800 grits or higher.

6. Optional: Seal and Protect Polished Concrete

Once the concrete is polished, the surface can be protected by applying a sealer especially if the surface will be exposed to grease or oil. They are applied with a floor burnisher to achieve maximum shine and polish.

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