1.Improper Prep

Usually homeowners want to jump right into painting, because they are excited to see new colour on walls –that’s a understandable emotional reaction. Keep in mind to scrape of failing paints, sand all the fillings/patchings and clean the walls. Have a work-light and do not prep in low light conditions.

2.Doors/Window/Trims painting

Paint should not be applied directly over surfaces that are previously painted with high gloss sheen. Make sure to scuff ,clean and the apply the paints.

3.Skipping Primer /Sealer

Remember to use a standalone primer for first coat over bare substrates (wood/drywall).stains should be spot coated using sealer first before you apply paint.

4.Painting randomly

Never start to paint from random places in walls. Just ensure that you start in one corner and keep moving towards another corner .Roll from high to low using “W” format followed by “M” format to overlap. This technique is widely used to evenly disperse the paint on the surface and to minimize roller lines.

5.Wrong type of paints

Kitchen and bathroom usually have higher moisture, it is recommended to use paints specifically designed for kitchen& bath. Click here to know more about bath paints