1.Detailed Estimate/Quote

Always ask for a detailed estimate/quote, this eliminates frustration in your dream painting project. Be sure that you read, understand the quote completely before you decide to start .Check the preparation standards, scope of work, what else is included like moving, removal/reinstall of switch plates etc..

Remember that, you get what you pay for. If one painter bids much lower than the rest, ask yourself why.


Ask if they are insured and if they have their own employees or hire sub-contractors. You may ask for a copy of insurance certificate. It is not worth taking a risk of hiring an uninsured contractor. You never know when something might go wrong, hiring an insured contractor will give you a peace of mind

3.Worker compensation (WorksafeBC)

Ask if they have WorkSafeBC coverage and in good standing.

Note: Data from the internet shows that house owners have been held responsible for uncovered workers accidents which may be a costly mistake!!

Worksafe BC have defined health & safe standards for business, this is very important .Let’s look at a case ,Buildings that are built before 1978 has lead based paints ,some painters may offer cheaper price for popcorn ceiling removal or repainting projects  where they scuff sand the doors/windows or scrape of peeling paints  ignoring the lead risk. Removing lead-containing paint without proper controls can generate lead dust. Lead enters the body when the dust is inhaled or ingested (swallowed). Lead exposure can cause a number of health effects on adults and children’s. Companies adheres to WorkSafeBC precaution safety practises .


A warranty is a written guarantee, issued to the purchaser of an article by its manufacturer, promising to repair or replace it if necessary within a specified period of time. All the paints, primers comes with Limited Warranty from Manufacturer.

If you are hiring a contractor, you can ask for warranty that offers you a complete labor plus materials coverage. In other words, if for example the paint begins to fail four months after the job, you must be able to contact your painting contractor and they can work with paint supplier, which should be included in the warranty.